Antony And Cleopatra

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Passion, politics, love and death combine in a novel of the legendary love triangle between the three leaders of the Roman era: Cleopatra, Mark Antony and Octavian, from the bestselling author of The Thorn Birds.Mark Antony, famous warrior and legendary lover, expected that he would be Julius Caesar's successor

Barely into his campaigning, he met Cleopatra, Pharaoh of Egypt

Bereft by the loss of Julius Caesar, her lover, father of her only son, she saw Antony as another Roman who could support her and provide more heirs

But after Caesar's murder it was his 18-year old nephew, Octavian, who was named in the will

His fascination for her, his sense that she knew the way forward where he had lost his, led to the beginning of their passionate, and very public affair

It is hard to leave the world she has created.

No-one, least of all Antony, expected him to last but his youth and slight frame concealed a remarkable determination and a clear strategic sense.Antony was the leader of the fabulously rich East

The two men, twin rulers of Rome, might have found a way to live with each other but not with Cleopatra between them.This is a truly epic story of power and scandal, battle and passion, political spin and inexorable fate with a rich historical background and a remarkable cast of characters, all brought brilliantly to life by Colleen McCullough

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