The Mystery Of Market Movements. An Archetypal Approach To Investment Forecasting And Modelling

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A quantifiable framework for unlocking the unconscious forces that shape markets There has long been a notion that subliminal forces play a great part in causing the seemingly irrational financial bubbles, which conventional economic theory, again and again, fails to explain

However, these forces, sometimes labeled animal spirits or irrational exuberance, have remained elusive until now

Niklas Hageback draws in on one of psychology's most influential ideas archetypes to explain how they form investor s perceptions and can be predicted and turned into profit

The Mystery of Market Movements provides you with a methodology to timely predict and profit from changes in human investment behaviour based on the workings of the collective unconscious

The Mystery of Market Movements provides A review of the collective unconscious and its archetypes based on Carl Jung s theories and empirical case studies that highlights and assesses the influences of the collective unconscious on financial bubbles and zeitgeists For the first time being able to objectively measure the impact of archetypal forces on human thoughts and behaviour with a view to provide early warning signals on major turns in the markets

This book explains why psychological drivers in the collective unconscious dictates not only investment behaviour but also political, cultural and social trends

This is done through a step-by-step guide on how to develop a measurement methodology based on an analysis of the language of the unconscious figurative speech such as metaphors and symbolism, drawn out and deciphered from Big Data sources, allowing for quantification into time series The book is supplemented with an online resource that presents continuously updated bespoken archetypal indexes with predictive capabilities to major financial indexes Investors are often unaware of the real reasons behind their own financial decisions

Understanding these forces allows you to stay ahead of the curve and profit from market tendencies that more traditional methods completely overlook.