Gi Epidemiology. Diseases And Clinical Methodology

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Identifying how, why and in whom gastrointestinal disease occurs, and what can be done to prevent it, is of key importance for the modern-day gastroenterologist and researcher

Brought to you by the world s leading gastroenterologists, the second edition of GI Epidemiology Diseases and Clinical Methodology is the only book that combines detailed analysis of the epidemiology of GI disease with a study of the methodology of clinical research

In addition, the revised edition contains several significant improvements, notably Five extra disease epidemiology chapters Upper GI Bleeding Hepatitis B and C Common Tropical GI Diseases Nutritional Epidemiology and GI Cancers and Obesity among Adults More illustrations, including maps of each disease A more international focus with the inclusion of two experienced European editors MCQs, summary checklists and key points throughout Ten extra online-only chapters on methodological issues related to GI epidemiology such as Patient reported GI Epidemiology Diseases and Clinical Methodology, 2nd

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With a much greater clinical focus on the diagnostic and management approach for each disease than before, all existing chapters are fully updated with the very latest in statistical and clinical data